Hay Creek Heritage Farms

A small farm dedicated to conserving and promoting rare heritage livestock breeds and heirloom vegetables in Michigan on the banks of Hay Creek. Our produce is certified organic. by OEFFA.

Oberhasli Goats

We raise Oberhasli goats, an alpine dairy breed listed as status "recovering" by The Livestock Conservancy. Our goats are friendly and sociable, as well as mischievous! We have three original females, Ingrid, Freya, and Brownie and our buck, Odin. Our girls Lilja and Solvi and our wether, Olaf, were born in 2015. Lotte and Magda were born in 2016.

We're currently milking and experimenting with cheesemaking!

We sometimes have kids for sale in the spring. Contact us if you are interested.


Photos by Hay Creek Heritage Farms